Silverstream Mast

Michael G. "We're very happy with the work Silverstream has done for us, they've made our property look great! And not only did they really take the time to listen to us, but they also suggested options that we never would have thought of ourselves. We were very impressed with both the expertise and the service. We would definitely recommend Silverstream!"

"George D." During this past winter we had several feet of snow in our backyard which turned to saturated ground once it thawed. During our first early spring rain, my entire house started to flood due to a lack of drainage and too much water. Silverstream came out and 2 days later they had dug a trench around the entire house, installed water proofing materials, put a new drainage system in, repaired my broken sprinkler system, and even removed the mulch and plants around the house and put them back in the same place. We were all very relieved."

Silverstream Enterprises - Cheshire, CT 06410 Ph. 203-439-0429



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